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about me

Height: 5'8"   |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Blonde

Sarah Wylie is an actress, producer and writer.



I Can't   |   Red Jasper Entertainment  |    Lead

The Shift   |   Eyeris Entertainment   |    Lead

A Box with No Name  |  Matt Calhoune  |    Lead

Hungry Beasts   |   Inner Image Media   |    Lead

A Sign From Each of Us   |   202 Pictures   |   Lead

The Last First Date   | Red Jasper Entertainment  |   Lead

Wolf   |   Wild Sky Factory   |    Supporting 

From the Makers Of   |   Daniel Fissmer   |   Supporting​

Lincoln  |  DreamWorks   |   Supporting


Discovery   |   Wicked Attractions   |   Guest-Star

FBE YouTube  Try Not To Get Scared Challenge  |  Co-Star

Singularity Entertainment    High Indulgence   |   Co-Star 




Sex with Strangers   |   Lead  |   Red Jasper Entertainment

Our Way   |   Lead  |   Conundrum Theatre Co 

DRENCROM   |   Lead  |   The Heretics 

The Midnight Killer   |   Lead   |   The Heretics

Streetcar Named Desire   |  Lead   |   Showtimers

Othello   |   Lead  |   Haymarket Theatre

Our Town   |   Lead   |   Haymarket Theatre

The Unveiling   |   Lead   |   Blackbox Theatre

Skin of Our Teeth   |   Lead   |   Studio Theatre 

Shadows of the Evening  |  Lead  |  Blackbox Theatre 

Guys and Dolls  |  Lead  |  Commodore Theatre

Arsenic and Old Lace  |  Lead  |  Commodore Theatre 

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever   |   Lead   |   Hurrah Players

Trojan Women   |   Ensemble   |   Archway Theatre 

Persephone (by Warren Leight)  |   Ensemble  |   Brooklyn Academy of Music 

Rumplestiltskin   |   Ensemble   |   Virginia Repertory Theatre

Dial M for Murder  |  Ensemble  |  Little Theatre of Norfolk

Training & Workshops

BGB Studio  |   Advanced Master Class   |  Risa Bramon

BGB Studio  |   Meisner Technique  |   Tim Conlon

BGB Studio   |   On-Camera Audition Technique   |   Caroline Liem

John Hindman Studio   |   Scene Study   |   John Hindman

The Drama Continues   |   Motion Capture   |   Sheila Grey

The Hideout   |   Voice Over   |   Robin Armstrong

Brook Forest Entertainment   |   Stand Up    |   Steve North

Killian's Workshop   |   Commercial   |   Killian McHugh

Virginia Polytechnical Institute   |   BA   |   Theatre Arts and Cinema

Special Skills

Social Latin dancer for 13 years, Soprano - Alto range, excellent with harmony, Stunt training: floor fall with ease, basic hand to hand combat, archery, hand guns, rifles, rapier and dagger. Love water - underwater film shoots. Regular practice at hiking, running, Pilates, yoga and tai chi. Cat mom, coffee fanatic. Holds largest geek card possible: 11 years old - 16 years old produced my own version of LOTR by the books on hand held vhs cameras.

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